This portfolio consists of original acoustic and electronic compositions. Also included are representative samples of my work in audio recording and sound design.



Chimerical (2017)

existing only as the product of unchecked imagination: fantastically visionary or improbable

For solo processed vibraphone. This piece explores the possibilities of live processed vibraphone using three different effects (delay, mid distortion, and a frequency shifter) either one at a time or in tandem. Chimerical was written using Ableton Live 9 Suite.


1-28-86-11:39:13 (2016)

President Ronald Reagan delivered a speech to the American people in regards to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. This piece uses the recording of this speech as its sole means of sound. Meaning, everything you will hear is derived from Ronald Reagan’s voice. The form of this piece follows, to an extent, the timeline of events on the day of the disaster. Starting with the build-up to the already delayed launch, the launch, the moment after launch where everything was going according to plan, the explosion, and the fall.

Matter (2016)

This piece is written for solo cello and electronic tape in three movements.

Performed by Amanda Meares





Live Premiere


Companion Software for Chimerical composition

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 11.52.04 AM

Available as a plug-in in VST and AU formats. Contact for access.